SHEMOT SERIES 3: introduction

SHEMOT SERIES 3 will involve us in some serious text study as we attempt to negotiate  2 key segments of the chumash - Parshat Mishpatim and the Eggel

The units have been prepared for the upper primary / lower high school student The series incorporates selection from Mishpatim and Ki Tissa.

Thus far 7 modules have been prepared with a possibility of another 10 should there be a demand. The subdivision of the modules are

  • 4  modules of CORE TANNACH TEXT -
  • 3 involve the study of selected commentaries from RASHI and a segment of Gemara - [ Perek EIN OMDIN ] that presents us with Chazzal's understanding of the Eggel narrative.

The following pages contain information about both the NALEKET MODULES in general, and  SHEMOT SERIES 3 in particular